Ang mga bagay na tila magandang pakinggan ay siya nitong kabaliktaran.



 Their are a lot of people who are in need of our help, do what you are called to do- for out of ignorance we commit sin; unfortunately,  our future generation are affected too. 

Millennials, you are called to make a change. 

Lao-ingen, Sto. Domingo, Ilocos Sur with ❤

Woman of Faith

At the long run I’ve learned that  We have to let the Holy Spirit live in us and not just by dancing with it when it’s time to worship. So now, because of this song, I was assured by the love of the father, that long after this life, I want to be known as “Woman of Faith”. A woman who will glorify him no matter what the circumstances are for I am convinced by His goodness. I know that his will and love for me will remain constant forever, and that trails and testings’ are just in season. We just have to overcome everything with faith anchored in Him. And for me, that makes me a God’s Girl- my faith.