I was deleting old pictures on my facebook and also saving the best one at the same time. But these pictures left me a lot of memories (best pabaon), so I decided to upload this on my instagram. This was my first field work and as expected, I was overwhelm by the reality. 

I was uninformed about the PAMANA project of DSWD, so i was unconsciously facing drug surrenderers back then. You can’t even depict the misfortune they are in their smiles; so young and innocent as if there was no scarf from their past (walang kamuwang muwang sa paligid)
Nalaman ko lang when I was able to come back the second time, when I was pointing at one of the mountain saying “wow abot langit yung clouds! (ignorante si ate)”, then one of the beneficiary laugh and said “yes maam, inaakyat namin yan. Gusto mong makita yung kuta (hiding place) namin?” So I was bit confused and so i reply her with a smile, trying to laugh as natural as I can. Nariring ko lang kasi ung word na “kuta” pag sa mga action movie or teleserye kaya nag ka idea ako. Then after that convo with ate, i decided to ask my boss regards with their previous occupation. So yun nga, confirmed.
But at the end of the day, God is so gracious and righteous to always give us a brand new start. His love is new every morning, He is faithful and a good father.  And It is never too late for us to extend the love we have from our father, to make use of ourselves to those people who want to have a brand new start (working for the Lord) Their are a lot of people who are in need of our help, do what you are called to do- for out of ignorance we commit sin; unfortunately,  our future generation are affected too. 

Millennials, you are called to make a change. 

Lao-ingen, Sto. Domingo, Ilocos Sur with ❤


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